Crypto Question: Is crypto assets Staking permissible?

Is staking with a fixed % return halal?

Although the fixed % remains variable based on demand and project factors.

Wa alaykum salaam,

The entire structure and particulars of the token would have to be addressed before being able to come to a conclusion to this query.

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Jzk for the response.

Generally speaking, is a Mentioned fixed % (6% for eg) return guaranteed for a set period (per epoch in this instance) halal?

Or if an investment returned a set fixed amount every x days, would this be halal?

A fixed return can be structured in multiple ways. For example, in Ijarah and Murabaha, a fixed return is fine. But in other contracts like mudaraba, a fixed return is problematic, you can only have a fixed percentage of profit share and not a guaranteed return.


Aslalamo alekom,

I have recently started investing in crypto currency and i came a cross Staking and i would appreciate if someone can give me a certain answer if staking is halal or not please?
here is a website where all staking rewards happens



May Allah bless you.
Please see the link below:

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Jazakallah for the response.
I am still not sure as the answer wasnt clear , I would appreciate a response related to the website I have included in my question and also a specific coin called Zilliqa.
I want a definit answer please, is Zilliqa staking halal?



AWW. Is there any difference from shariah perspective between nominated PoS and delegated PoS that may make one or the other problematic/impermissable?


I am wondering if Staking Ada with Exodus is considered permissible , more info on the stake is here


I want to stake crypto. And the crypto that I have is a utility token.

Can I do it?

For a more complete explanation of my crypto structure, you can see this video


I am wondering if Staking Cardano (Ada) with Exodus wallet is considered permissible , more info on the stake is here

Asalamu alaikum, this is my opinion and take on Staking. Please do share your opinion.

My research on is staking halal? -

My research on the methods to take for staking. @Mufti_Billal and @Mufti_Faraz_Adam, I would be honoured to get your opinion on this video -

Hello staking Cake in pancakeswap pool is halal ?


Hi There
is stahing cake token in pancakeswap pool is halal or not


This file is Not opening, you have copied this link at multiple places but no link is working.

Is Cake staking on Pancake swap exchange Halal?

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DEAR @Mufti_Faraz_Adam

Would you please let me know of crypto staling is Halal or not?

Example : CRO , BNB and ADA, ETH?

Please let me know


I think staking is halal

the token are used to secure the network so you are becoming a part of business
the tokens you stake are not used to lend them to another person as loan .the network is using them for transactions fees.
this benefits the community and you . no one is harmed in this process
the rich can become richer and the poor can become rich

i think staking CAKE is haram because the coins (Cakes) which we get by staking are reward by Panecakeswap, and Panecakeswap has also introduced lottery which also becomes source of income for Panecakeswap and when Panecakeswap distributes cakes to the stake holder then i think this becomes haram because basically Panecakeswap shares his profit from lottery earnings also. This is just my understanding, would appreciate if someone correct me. Further forum admins (Mufti) are requested to please advise.

Asalaamulaykum Sheikh,

The link does not seem to work. Are you able to repost a working link or if anyone else has the document, can you post it here?

JazakAllah khair.