Crypto and zakat

I searched around for this but can not get an answer. If I own crypto how do I calculate the zakat? If I am just holding it for long term (a year or more) and plan to sell it at a certain price, what should I use to base the zakat on? For example if my crypto investment starts at $10k and by the end of the year it gets to $100k, what’s the zakat amount? I am reading conflicting amount, 10% of the gains (which is 90,000$ in gains so 9%) or 2.5% of total amount (which is $2500 - a big difference). If the total amount of crypto gets even higher (like $500k) I couldn’t even pay Zakat unless I start selling the crypto itself!
And in another situation I am staking a crypto and just getting the rewards, do I just pay Zakat on the rewards only?
Jazakallahu khayr

Assalaamu alaykum,

Kindly see the following