Creating and selling generative NFTs

As salamu aleikum, is it permitted to create and sell a specific amount of generative NFTs if among those there are NFTs that could have a higher value because they occur only a few times due to their probability?
Similar to the projects SolPunks or Sollamas etc.


May Allah bless you.
When it comes to NFTs, the content must be shariah compliant but also the way it is traded.
For example, the random manner SolPunks sell NFTs does not look shariah compliant on the surface.

And Allah knows best!

Jazzak allahu khair,
so from the perspective that there are some among those that are super rare and could have a great value it‘s permitted?

What are some kind of permissiblke NFTs You would reccomend

As salamu aleikum Mufti. Do that mean Solana is not shari anymore ? I have bought some a few weeks ago. What whould you recommand ?