Clothing Company Shares

As Salam Alaikum,

What is the shariah ethical principle when investing in clothing companies such as BOHOO , ASOS , whose main business revenue and target audience is generated by selling non-Islamic inappropriate clothing , especially in women wear .

Even if it meets all the Shariah compliance , would investing in such companies due to the inherent nature which encourages lewdness be considered as not in the spirit of Islam.

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Wa alaykum salaam,

Because such clothing can be worn within the house by a woman without any Shariah risk, selling such clothes is permissible.

As long as the company has been screened and reviewed for shariah compliance, this particular element will not be of concern.

Allah knows best

Jazakallah for the clear perspective , so in essence , this principle of , if the company has been deemed shariah compliant after being screened , we should not divulge in these types of queries , which could be applicable to any sector .

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There are multiple factors which are taken into consideration. For yourself, if the Shariah board has approved a particular stock or it has been certified as compliant, that is enough and sufficient for you to invest in.